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Deliver the Best profile to riders each class

Presenting a software program designed by an indoor cycle leader for indoor cycle leaders. This is the best tool you will ever have to create perfect rides each and every time.

For the first time ever you will have:


George Eckenrode "Finally I have a computer program that creates DJ-style mixes for indoor cycle rides using MY music with a different GREAT ride profile, each and every time I push the button. I never have to struggle or worry about what I going to bring to class no matter how many classes I teach each week or day."
George Eckenrode



Create A New Ride Profile For Each Ride You Lead

A totally effortless way to genereate a perfectly mixed ride for each and every class you give.

There is no other software available in the world that offers you these great benefits and time savings while making your cycle classes the best --- PERIOD.

Create a perfect ride, complete with Candence directives, Heart Rate expectations and DJ-styled seamless music mixes.

There is no program available in the universe that competes or compares to what this product will do for you and your ride presentations.

An Exceptional Product ...

Feature #1: Uses your personal music collection.

For YOU this means:
No problems with ASCAP and music royalty problems AND it uses the music YOU like.

Feature #2: Fresh Ride Profiles each time.

WHAT ? !
Every time you push the button, you will get a fully DJ-styled music mix that is FRESH, creative and ready to ride to.

Feature #3: Saves You HOURS of Prep Time.

Create a brand new cycle ride in MINUTES.
No more worries as to designing each piece of your ride. This software will mix HILLS, sprints, seated climbs and more using a random internal musical selection generator.

Finally the indoor cycle world has a futuristic ROBOT that mixes music (like a professional DJ), creates perfect ride profiles and creates ride queues for you, the indoor cycle instructor.

The ONLY Cycle Ride Mixer in the WORLD ...

Beats Of Sweat



Beats Of Sweat™


Why Wait ?

Beats Of Sweat

Never before has there been a personal workout music mixer totally designed to create perfect indoor cycle class rides.

You need to get this today !

Take the mystery out of creating new rides for each class you teach.

Enjoy unique, perfect DJ-style ride mixes each and every time.

This is the future for indoor cycle instructors!

The is the ULTIMATE workout music mixer in the world.


This software has been in the design stages for over eight years. It incorporates Heart Rate Training and all of the key and classic elements necessary for the creation and presentation of perfect indoor cycle rides.

A testamonial signed by the editor of Indoor Cycle Magazine.

60 Day Guarantee

Our Unconditional 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You have nothing to loose and Everything to gain. If this software does not deliver everything that is mentioned on this page or does not simplify your indoor cycle ride preparation, I will gladly return every penny of your purchase price.

Download your copy of Beats Of Sweat™ now, and begin creating FRESH and outstanding rides with ride profiles and DJ-styled music mixes.

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Beats Of Sweat


You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose!

What are you waiting for ?

This is a simple way to simplify your indoor cycle ride preparation.

Start using this robotic way of mixing your indoor cycle class rides.

Beats Of Sweat

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