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Fall 2021 RELEASE

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The ultimate workout profile builder and music mixer softare program will revolutionize exercise classes. Register below to be in on the pre-release:

Beats Of Sweat™

This revolutionary software has been taken seven years to design and build. Our team, which is made up of professional indoor cycle trainers, exercise specialists and heart rate training authorities.

With the Beats of Sweat™ software you will create the perfect exercise ride profiles, DJ-style music mixes and unique presentations EACH time you click the CREATE button. No more boring exercise sessions EVER again.

Amazing Details

The only software of it's kind. Totally worry free creation of Ride Profiles and seamless DJ-styled music mixes. AND it uses YOUR music! Just point it to where you store your MP3 files, select from a bunch of great profiles OR build your own and click the CREATE button.

That's IT! No more wondering what ride you are going to bring to your class. No more worries that your class already heard this mix. Never even think about presenting some old stale ride profile. Ever AGAIN !!

This is the best tool you can possibly have in your Instructor Tool Kit. Totally worry free, professional music mixes, challenging ride profiles, unique ride class queues and so much more.